Thursday, September 4, 2014

Heart Strides

I discovered Heart Strides through the magic six-degrees-of-separation machine that is Facebook. This wonderful organization gives running shoes (via donations) to mothers of children with chronic illness or special needs. 

According to Denise, the founder of (and powerhouse behind) Heart Strides, "This simple gift of new shoes will be a starting point for many Moms, taking new and first steps to better health. For others, these shoes will help them to keep moving, to participate in events that are near and dear to their hearts."

I love this! I love this idea and I love the Heart Strides community -- women offering each other support and guidance, encouraging one another to care for themselves with the same intensity that they care for their children.

You're going to love it too. Check out the Facebook page. Visit the site. Donate some money.

Oh yeah, they have this pretty good guest blogger sometimes, too...

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